Sunday, February 24, 2008

Alfie Comic Strip...out in the neighborhood! Final Color!

Here's the final cartoon! And for any Alfie fans out there, as a bonus, I'm including the final colored cartoon without the word balloons! Sometimes as an artist you spend a lot of time drawing and coloring something that in the end winds up getting covered over by something else such as a word balloon, credit box or whatever else would get dropped on top of it. The good thing that I like most about doing the lettering in the computer is that I can tweak the text at some point in the future or even rewrite the whole gag to make a new cartoon! Remember you can click on the images to see them bigger!

Alfie Comic Strip...out on the neighborhood! Rough Sketch

Here's the new rough sketch for the new Alfie cartoon I did this weekend. These pencils are pretty tight so it was like tracing mostly when I actually inked it. A lot of my work seems like I do the art twice. The whole idea was based on walking Alfie around the same neighborhood for the last 4 years and how, for me, it's the same old, same old. For him, I wonder that it must be the same as well. There are certain bushes and plants and telephone poles that he always seems to stop at. There are loads of wonderful smells for dogs so I guess even though he's walked the same two blocks (twice a day) for the last four years there's always new and exciting smells and sights to see! The familiarity of the neighborhood is what I'm planning to use to help anchor the comic series for Alfie.

Here's a photo of Alfie out walking one morning and he stops by one of his favorite bushes. He usually puts his two paws up on the wood landscaping ties and sniffs the bush a few times. He looks kinda sleepy in this photo. I wanted to post this as well so that you can see that I try to incorporate actual landscapes and the look of the neighborhood as much as I can to base the Alfie cartoon in as much reality as I can. The smallest details can really get overlooked sometimes even when drawing a simple telephone pole so looking at a reference photo always helps. You can see the wood ties and bush in the corner of the new strip!

Next up the color and lettering....!