Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Alfie Cartoon for June!

Here is the new Alfie cartoon for June! This gag is based on all the times that Alfie has gotten wrapped around the tree in the backyard chasing the squirells or bunnies and then I have to go out to then untangle him. I have a several more ideas and gags of him being tied up which I'll work out as well into strips. He can sometimes untangle himself but there are times during the heat of the chase he forgets how many times he goes around the tree. The backyard shot is all based on the actual look of it which really does give it much more weight. The bunny's name is Rascal. He's a lazy bunny who likes to collect pinecones for some unknown reason and he has a big ball of string that he keeps adding to whenever he finds a new piece lying around somewhere. The squirrels are Pocket, Tricky and Scooter. I went a bit easier on the coloring with this one than the others I've done simply because of time. It can take me a while to color a strip and get it the way I want it, so while I'm happy with this strip, I may go into in and add more dimension to it with more color tones.