Sunday, January 27, 2008

Alfie in the Snow! The pencil sketches...

Here is the new pencil drawing for the new Alfie strip I just did this weekend for DCM! The whole gag for this cartoon was based on the last panel which was a sketch (seen below) I drew sometime early on in Alfie's development as a cartoon. It was a moment of Alfie's life that I wanted to capture on paper and I decided that this sketch could be the punch line for the new strip this month.
This whole gag pretty much actually happened as I showed it. Alfie was close to one-year old and he saw his first snow storm and wanted to see snow close up. He was at the back door and he was hesitant to go out and I knew he had to go to the bathroom so I gave him a soft boot out the door. He jumped and landed tail end in the snow and sank like it was quicksand! It was pretty funny. It was a deeper snow than I though it was. Alfie was only 1 pound and 9 ounces at that time so he just tried to swim in the snow to get back inside since it was cold. I bundled him in a towel and then went outside and shoveled him a whole blocked out area that he could roam around in the snow. He then went out and enjoyed the snow which I'll be showing in the future!

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