Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Lazy Sunny Morning...Alfie Style!

Here's Alfie getting up this morning! I was busy getting ready and he was just laying in bed waiting on me to get my act together so we could go out for his walk. It only takes him 30 seconds to get ready for the day! I love the look on his face in the first one. The weather has taken something out of him the last few days so he's been a bit tired and lazy, though he has gotten his normal walks. The last pic of him was him sitting up as he heard something make a noise outside and of course we had to go outside for his first walk to see what it was...

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xenos said...

love your depictions of dogs. my two often inspire me all the time, the little clowns. anyhow, your actual dog is adorable and glad i found your blog. cheers.

aka graphicvectors