Monday, January 12, 2009

ALFIE Comic Strip For DCM's January Issue!

Here is the new strip for Alfie for January's issue of Delaware County Magazine!


BoB said...

Hi Scott,
I just happened to find this blog, posting you a comment to let you know I love your work!! Alfie's backyard has reality all written on. I have a yorkie myself and your stripes are hilarious; my husband and I laugh so loud with them. Have you got any new Alfie's coming soon?


ScottN01 said...

Thanks for your comments! I do have some more that I have to post. I've been busy over my other work. I'll have new stuff on my other blog soon too! I've been posting a lot of stuff on FaceBook that I haven't gotten to yet here.

I have had a first draft of a kids book for Alfie that I have written and am thinking of doing it in the style of a Little Golden Book.