Thursday, December 27, 2007

Alfie first newspaper strip for January 2008!

Here is a first new strip I did for Alfie, It's a verbal gag but one that most small dog owners can relate to. There will be a new Alfie strip printed in Delaware County Magazine each month, which is a magazine that is in my area that I edit, design and write for. The publisher wanted a comic page and I thought Alfie would be perfect to get some exposure. So Alfie is starting off with a 120,000 copies a month run! This cartoon is in the January '08 issue which was printed this week! One of the Christmas strips ran in the December issue. His strip will also be on the magazine's website, but I'll post them here as well of course since this is also Alfie's Backyard!

Alfie's comic adventures will be on Sugary Serials which is located at! A great site for all kid-friendly and all ages comics! There will also be other downloadable Alfie stuff there soon. I got a lot planned! This blog will post the behind the scenes stuff and the working process to it all. A diary with art if you will!

Even though the action is static in this first cartoon, there is movement in each panel by the wag of both Alfie's tail and Pocket's tail. Even though I did not name him in the strip, the squirrel's name is Pocket and he is one of three squirrels that perplex Alfie. These other characters will all be revealed soon as I go along. There's a whole neighborhood that will be in here. Still debating if humans will be shown though...

Also, in the strip and comic book, I figure Alfie to be around 1 and a half or two years old at the most. I wanted to keep him younger since most of the stories are based on stuff from his perspective at that age that he had in real life. Which will be explained in future stories. He is also meant for younger readers so it helps to be around their age range.

The original intent for Alfie was for it to model a young reader book and be for beginning readers to help them learn to read, which is why I use larger word balloons and a more limited vocabulary. Anything I create for Alfie I want to all be consistant with what I originally set out to do and who my demographic would be. More on this later...

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