Thursday, December 27, 2007

Alfie's First Coloring Contest!

This is another page from the new Delaware County Magazine issue for January '08. I run a coloring contest every month for some kind of giveaway or prize and this is the first one ever featuring Alfie. It was thrown together at the last minute as well since the mag's deadline was kinda tight and it hit me late that, "Hey! Why don't I do one for Alfie?!" You'll be seeing this image in other spots probably as well. I'll get the most out of it in my style guide for Alfie. I have some color prints of Alfie that I'll be signing and mailing away to the winners of the contest!

Also below is an ad for Hollywood Hal & Rhinestone Al that I co-created. I run an ad for the boys every month as well. You can see them at! It's a Pre-K winner for your young ones at home!

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